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Cash vs Accrual Accounting: What’s the Difference?

Under the accrual method, you might also have to pay taxes on earnings you haven’t yet received. So, you need to plan carefully to ensure you have enough money to cover your tax bill. Businesses with investors or loans tend to use the accrual basis in their financial statements the primary difference between accrual-basis and…
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Israel and Hamas Nearly Struck a Deal to Free Up to 50 Hostages The New York Times

The basic tools you need are a computer, a reliable Internet connection, and accounting software that works for you. You need all these to be able to manage your client’s finances and communicate with them. According to CostHelper Small Business, people pay around $20 to $50 per hour to avail of the services of an…
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A cash cow Idioms by The Free Dictionary

They are cash traps because the money already invested in them is being tied up in a business that has low or no potential. A cash cow is a product that produces steady ‘milk’ (profit) long after the initial cost of investment has been recovered! The aforementioned products have made a mark on their respective…
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